Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Glass Elephant

Sander by Massproductions
Limited edition Sander table by Chris Martin for Massproductions
The bull of "Bull in a china shop" shop fame morphs into an elephant in the Swedish equivalent of the phrase. This impressive installation installation in the caves of Skeppsholmen island featured glass works being manipulated by sophisticated robots from ABB. Mixing crafts with industrial design and technology, the exhibition sought to "explore the characteristics of glass as material and muse, and tells a story about the meeting of contrasts". Plus these robots were far more engaging than the robots in Trafalgar Square for LDF 2010.
Robot Control

Designed by TAF Architects and featuring designers like Simon Klenell (whose glass pieces we recognised from LDF 2011), Chris Martin of Massproductions and our very own Vinge light by Note Design Studio for Örsjö, the sometimes cheeky robots almost stole the show. Almost. It's a credit to all the designers involved that the glass somehow managed to compete with the surreal location and the robots and still come out on top. 

Frigger Tactic pieces by Simon Klenell 

Bulb, Madras and Soapbubbles by Ann Wåhlström 
Vinge for Örsjö and Teluria for Klong by Note Design Studio

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